In Cairo International Airport, on an area of ten thousand square meters (10,000 m2) AMC has built its own hanger and workshop facilities along with world class technical expertise in addition to a comprehensive spares inventory which enables the company to offer the optimum aircraft maintenance services and ensures that aircraft maintenance is completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

The Company offers high quality maintenance services including repair and modification programmes with the lowest price and the shortest down-time utilizing highly skilled and experienced personnel supported by the latest software, systems, special devices and diagnosis tools

El Sayed Saber


With a huge accumulated experience in Aviation Engineering and maintenance field which was acquired by his work in one of the largest airlines in the region for decades, Eng. El-Sayed Saber was able to take all necessary measures and give solutions for the company in the hardest times during the 3 decades of the company life.
Eng. Saber started his career as an Aeronautical Airframe and Engine Engineer in Egyptair, the national flag carrier of Egypt in the year 1964. He continued in Egyptair for a period of 24 years. During his work in Egyptair for 24 years, Eng. Saber has occupied the following posts:
• Starting as a line maintenance Engineer on 1964 till 1966
• Quality control inspector on 1966 - 1968
• Deputy Manager for Hanger Routine Check 1974 – 1979
During this period, Eng. Saber was appointed as Egyptair representative in Lufthansa / Germany to supervise the heavy maintenance performed for Egyptair aircraft at Lufthansa's facilities in Hamburg. He supervised many major checks in Germany for a period of 3 years for many aircraft types like Boeing B707, B737 classic, B767-200, B767-300 & Airbus A300-B4
• Airframe and System Overhaul Manager 1979 - 1982
After gaining the necessary experience and outstandingly decreasing the cost of routine and non-routine works and after showing exceptional leadership skills, he was entitled to establish the overhaul dept. in Egyptair on 1979. For the first time in history, Egyptair performed successfully a complete overhaul for its Boeing B707, then followed by B737-200 and Airbus A300-B4. This was an unprecedented event not only in Egyptair's history but in the history of all the Middle East.
• In 1982 He was finally promoted to be General Manager of maintenance sector in Egyptair. A position which he occupied for 6 years till 1988 when he decided to quit and start a new successful story launching his own maintenance company, AMC which stands for Aircraft Maintenance Company.

Why we?

  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Unparalleled manpower rates
  • Well trained, qualified and certified staff
  • Shortest Downtime
  • 28 years of excellence
  • Tailored maintenance solutions
  • Extensive workshop capabilities
  • Special analysis tools
  • Full support 24/7