About us

Aircraft Maintenance Company "AMC" was founded in 1988 as a provider of maintenance services in Cairo International Airport.

A couple of years later, the owners of AMC decided to launch an Airliner of their own. For decades, AMC has provided comprehensive maintenance services for the newly born Airliner in a successful, cost effective, professional manner helping the Airliner to always keep its airplanes in the sky. When there was any AOG, it was AMC's mission to utilize its resources and experiences to bring the airplanes back to the sky in the shortest possible time.

Minimizing maintenance cost and keeping the airplanes in the sky helped the newly born airline to become one of the largest privately owned carriers not only in Egypt but in The Middle East region in a very short while expanding its fleet to include various types such as B737-200, A300-B4, A310-300, B737-400, MD-90, MD-83 and B737-800 to all of which AMC successfully provided full maintenance services including Heavy maintenance checks which were performed successfully 48 times up to 2015.

As a result of the growing market demand and the urging need for maintenance services in the region, AMC has decided to build its own hanger at Cairo International Airport on a total land area of 10,000 m²

The Hangar is designed to accommodate three narrow-body airplanes at once (e.g. B737-800 and/or A320). In case of wide-body airplanes, it can accommodate a single airplane.

The Hangar contains many workshops, offices and stores which are not for the exclusive usage of AMC MRO. AMC MRO offers these offices, stores and hanger space for rent to other companies helping them to secure necessary logistic and technical support for their operation and fleet through Cairo International airport, The Middle East, Africa & Europe.


Years of Experience

In engineering excellence and operational expertise has fostered a can-do culture centred on finding solutions. Our technical and logistics expertise supports our operations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year